Release Features:

1.  Analytics IQ integration

Feature:  Clients who have subscribed to AnalyticsIQ now have the option to integrate its services within JAS allowing for agile development of custom reporting options that are available to the Users without having to log into multiple products.  

Feature:  Currently supports 5 integrated reports and this will be expanded in the future.

Feature:  Admin level users can configure the name, the permission level and export format of each report. 

Feature:  Future iteration will allow users to select on which screen the link appears 

2.  Expanded Aging Forecast

Feature:  Additional data points have been added to the account overview screen to show end of month data. Users can now see the aging of the account as if it were the last day of the month. This shows if nothing is collected, this will be the aging at the end of the month.  This data is updated at the time of the nightly import 

3.  Expanded Workflow options

Feature:  In response to client feedback, the workflow strategy is now a customizable process where accounts are handled via follow ups rather than a pre-determine set of steps.

Feature:  The account follow up feature has been expanded to allow users to create an account activity such as call, email or correspondence. Previously this was only possible if the account had entered a call queue from a strategy.

Feature:  ‘Follow up dates’ have been added to the account selection screen to allow for an easier view of which accounts need to be followed up on.

Feature:  ‘Accounts to be scheduled’ has been added to the dashboard screen. These are accounts that have past due balances but have no follow up date associated with them.

4.  Correspondences - Partial Balance option

Feature:  reviously all past due transactions were included by default in the automated correspondences to the account holders. Clients can now toggle this on or off.

Feature:  Users now have the option of withholding partially paid transactions from the automated letters.

5.  Additional Aging Buckets

Feature:  Additional buckets have been added for balance greater than 120, 180, 360 days to allow for a more accurate view of the balances that are greater than 90 days old.

Feature:  These new buckets will also be available in dynamic query for use in custom reporting.

6. Collector Assignment

Feature:  This feature allows supervisors and admins to configure a way to automatically assign accounts to collectors. This will help remove the requirement to have the territory in the import file.

Feature:  This allows for dynamic workload assignments.


Back-end Enhancement:

1. Result File Export

Enhancement: Increased the result paging size which limits the number of objects that can be written to a file at a time. This greatly reduces the time it takes to export transactions to excel via JAS UI.


Bug Fixes:

1.  Advanced Search

Clients reported an issue with the advanced search feature forwarding the user to the wrong account. Example: The client would look up an account named ABC and a result list of accounts: ABC1 ABC2 and ABC3. When selecting ABC2, the application would sometimes open the account view for ABC1 or ABC3.  

Fix:  The cause of the issue was on the back end of the application and involved how the accounts were sorted after they were looked up.  This error has been corrected and clients should no longer experience this issue. 

2. Unplanned Service Shut Down

There have been reports on occasion of unplanned JAS service interruptions where the application needs to be relaunched. This issue could be a result from the application server making too many OS calls at one time. The OS in this case sends a signal to the JAS process to shut down resulting in an interruption in service. 

Fix:  A setting has been added to the application server to reduce the frequency in which these calls are made in an attempt to reduce the risk of an unplanned service interruption.

3. Note Update

There have been reports of the add note functionality not working properly when adding notes to multiple accounts.

Fix:  This feature has been fixed and clients can now use the add note link under the notes tap to look up the account(s) they wish to add the note to and update all of them at once.

4. Overview Screen

Some of the elements on the page did not display properly when zooming in too far view the browser.

Fix: The page has been updated to better handle this.