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  • Process about 10,000 transactions per hour.
  • Designed to interface with Transportation and Retail web portals. Standardized result statuses to allow improved managing of data. 
  • Enabling your process to begin in an earlier stage of an invoice cycle to recognize issues before they become past due. 
  • Full service maintenance allows you the ease of knowing that when sites change, we update the system idc's (intelligent data capturers). 
  • As your customer's migrate to new portals or release their own, knowing that our team is there to build and release new sites on a weekly basis.
Having your team look up past due invoices, updating spreadsheets, rekeying information into your collections system, has now become a process of the past.    


  • Portal access is maintained on secure web portals. 
  • Data Transfer can be handled via FTP, FTP with PGP Encryption, FTP Encryption with signature, and SFTP. 
  • Two layer security on all data as well as data scrubbed to remove any client relationship visibility. 


  • Integration with your collections software to ensure seamless processing of data and full automation of results.
  • Monitor your credentials to ensure they are always up to date with e-notify. 
  • Establish direct communications of results based on status, sites, or other flexible fields with Gallium's E-flow. 


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